Christ Lutheran Church
Facility Manager
Job Description

The part-time Facility Manager for Christ Lutheran Church is a part-time position that insures that the church campus is clean, organized, maintained, and ready to serve the needs of the ministry of the church.

•12-hours a week (10 hours during “open” office hours)
• Available for evening/weekend needs.

Report To:
The Operations Manager


1. Campus Oversight
a. Negotiating with vendors and insuring that supplies are stocked.
b. Attending to campus maintenance and overseeing contract employees of janitorial service and lawn service.
a. Manage relationship with Security 1st Alarm King
b. Manage HVAC Systems (bi-annual maintenance with Marthedahl, and Comfort Now systems)
c. Manage relationship with SCE & JP Electric to manage electricity costs
d. Arrange Pest / Gopher Controls (Orkin)
e. Computer maintenance (Torian Group)
f. Lawn service (Hoang Tran)
g. Carpet cleaning/floor waxing (ServiceMaster)
c. Oversight of bi-annual congregational workdays (Fall and Spring).
d. Oversight to needed office equipment for staff – computers, printers, etc.
e. Assemble a team of volunteers to assist in campus tasks and repairs.
i. Water, sprinklers, and gardens
ii. Lights and electrical
iii. Equipment and facility repair

2. Technology
a. Oversee computer maintenance and purchases
a. Office Equipment, Computers, Software, Network performance
b. Oversee worship technology (sight and sound)
Additional Responsibilities:
1. Attend weekly staff meetings.
2. Possibly attend the annual staff retreat off-campus

Music Ministries Job Description 
This position is under the direct supervision of the Senior Pastor.

  • Plan all worship music in coordination with thematic plans set by the Senior Pastor.
  • Develop monthly music plan for traditional and contemporary worship.
  • Arrange music to fit the specific needs of worship moments (i.e., preludes, postludes, transitions, etc.). 
  • Plan and/or organize music and rehearse the following each week:
  • Worship Choir (and Summer Choir during choir hiatus)
  • Praise Band
  • Special Music Offerings (i.e., soloists, instrumentalists, hand bell choir
  • and specialized choral groups)
  • Plan music and rehearse for special events
  • Advent and Christmas
  • Lent and Easter
  • Thanksgiving Eve
  • Large scale music events/concerts/cantatas
  • Festival choirs and orchestras
  • Various seasonal ensembles both adults and children
  • Recruit, train and oversee…
  • assisting ministers for traditional worship (knowledge of liturgical settings is important, as is an ability to assess vocal and learning abilities in singers); 
  • special musicians (soloists/instrumentalists) inside and outside the congregation;
  • youth and children musicians and worship leaders, with the help of the Student Ministry Director.

  • Develop long term plan for maintenance of equipment and needed expansions of current equipment, mindful of the ever-changing needs of the evolving landscape of electronics as commensurate with the needs of worship in a contemporary world.
  • The technology resources we currently use are Sundays and Seasons (ELCA), Propresenter (software for worship), Napster (music for worship pre and post), Power Director (video editing software), and additional choices of audio editing software.  Currently we also utilize motion worship weekly to input moveable backgrounds for worship.
  • Work with the office manager to input weekly song lyrics for congregation into Propresenter. 
  • Submit a yearly reporting list to CCLI to maintain copyright usage agreement.
  • Work/help with video editing as needed.  The ability to strip video and audio to utilize one of the two for worship has been found to be needed.
  • Sunday mornings, arrive early and work with AV teams to set up mics, prepare worship areas and make sure that all of the electronics and video systems are up and working.
  • The knowledge of utilization of a music software, such as Finale, is important, as is ability to transcribe into chord charts for guitarists.

Worship/Theological Development
  • Choose hymns/praise music commensurate with the liturgical season, worship themes as generated by pastor, and special services.  Special consideration is given to the development of energy within a service and the appropriate texture that music adds to enhance word and sacrament.  Mindfulness should be given to CCLI’s top worship songs worldwide and a consideration to popular and new praise music is important, however, songs must be vetted for theological content consistent with Lutheran theology.
  • Support Evangelical Lutheran Church in America theology and interpret this unique theology in the context of music.
  • Create retreat/worship days for musicians.  Develop long range relationships with CLC members and musicians as well as make deep connections in the community in the area of music.

Staff and Program Supervision
  • Oversee and supervise
  • church organist/accompanist
  • A/V Systems Administrator
  • CLIPArts Program Manager  (on hold)
  • Approve bi-monthly time cards of employees
  • Create annual goals and conduct annual reviews
  • Oversee the CLIPArts (“Christ Lutheran Institute of Performing Arts”) afterschool program.  Work with the board to hire staff, develop plans to initiate recruitment of students, development of curriculum (choosing of musicals for the year), and schedule use of facilities.  Prepare reports for the board and complete reviews of staff in consultation with the program manager.  Oversee rehearsals and performances.  (on hold)

Additional Responsibilities
  • Attend weekly staff meeting, worship planning meeting, and staff prayer
  • Attend monthly CLIPArts Board meetings  (on hold)
  • Create monthly report to CLC Board
  • Attend various planning and review meetings for seasonal and special events and services
  • Attend annual staff retreat
  • Prepare and be mindful of a yearly music budget to be approved by the CLC board and ratified by congregational vote.
  • Be prepared to work funerals and weddings as needed (schedule music, musicians, sound, and/or A/V.
  • Make sure instruments are in tune and ready for worship. This includes three pianos and one pipe organ. 
  • Organize music suite, sound areas, and AV closets as needed.
  • Special Considerations: Set-ups and planning for outdoor Easter worship and other occasional outdoor worship.  In addition, Sunday worship is provided in multiple venues (Sanctuary and Community Connection Center) each week with the need for two different sound set ups and balances. 
  • Production office work including preparing notebooks and weekly music for praise band, organist and other musicians requiring printed copies of music from CCLI/SongSelect and other appropriate sources.
  • A mature faith life.
  • Academic requirement – The minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Ability to play a variety of instruments, with a priority of piano
  • Skills to work with a wide variety of ages and personalities.
  • Support of Christ Lutheran Church Core Values:
  • Connect courageously
  • Grow spiritually
  • Serve selflessly
  • Accept boldly
  • Give freely

  • $50,000 - $65,000
  • Medical benefits
  • Pension
  • 2-weeks paid vacation
  • Phone/mileage/continuing education
  • Sick leave
  • Disability/Life Insurance

If interested, please email your resume to [email protected]
May 2021