“CLC Quilters/Global Cut & Sew”
1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month at 9:00
Meeting in the Christian Life Center
Contact: Lauren Chambers, [email protected]
Quilts are made with care and given as baptismal quilts, distributed to local charities, received as prayer quilts and sent around the world through Lutheran World Relief. 

“Christian Meditation”
Fridays at 8:45 am
Meeting on Zoom (897 6598 4959)
Contact: Lauren Chambers, [email protected]
A chance to center your thoughts and slow things down. Open to all.
“Faithful Fitness”
Monday and Thursday at 9am
Meeting in the Community Connection Center
Thursday at 1:30pm on Zoom (868 121 446)
Contact the church office at [email protected]
BE STRONG! Join this wonderful group of people focusing on strength stretch, cardio and balance.

“Caregivers Support”
3rd Tuesday of each month at 6pm
Meeting on Zoom (897 3047 9190)
Contact: Lauren Chambers, [email protected]
This group is open to all, especially providing encouragement and support for those who find themselves in the position of providing care for friends and family members.