Our Story

How it all started...

Exciting reflections on our past...
The foundation that has enabled the Christ Lutheran Community to grow in faith and make a difference for its members and community.

Christ Lutheran Church began as a mission church on October 5, 1958. The first service was held at the Visalia Woman’s Civic Club with five worshipers in attendance who collectively put $28.58 in the offering plate. When the church officially organized in 1961, membership had reached over 30 adults and 20 children.  M. Laurel Gray became Christ Lutheran Church’s first “called” full-time pastor.

From Downtown to the Farmlands

In the early years the church faced many challenges and some wondered whether it could survive. Through prayer and hard work, church leaders and members joined together to weather the difficult times. The old adage “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger” seemed to apply to our church.

Many questioned the wisdom in building our church so far out of town.  Little did they realize our presence would bring the church right into the middle of the action.  We learned our location was to be surrounded by numerous homes and schools.


For the last 58 years, CLC has been blessed with strong dedicated pastors, committed leaders, and loyal members, all willing to work together to make the church a powerful force for good. And all through the years, the members have never forgotten to keep Jesus in the forefront.

We started small and gradually grew to include a warm, inviting Sanctuary, CCC (Community Connections Center) for special services and fellowship events, and our CLC (Christian Life Center) which houses additional meeting spaces and our ChristKids Preschool wing - now celebrating 20 years in serving our community.

Expanding the vision...

God calls us to listen, be aware of the needs of others, and to love and care for others...  This ties together nicely as we live out our Church Mission and embrace our Core Values.

Our January 2019 event brought over 75 families together to support Foodlink of Tulare County.  In addition to our work party, Our CLC Family collected over 5,000 cans of vegetables donated to support those in need.

Sharing our story

Sharing the light...

Being a part of Christ Lutheran can be special, and we extend an invitation to all.  We study the bible, worship and have great discussions that gives us an opportunity to grow in our faith.
We invite all to join us, and feel God's presence.  Learn  how you and your family can find a home at    Christ Lutheran.

Who We Are

We worship together to explore how our faith makes a difference in how we engage others and care for one another.
Over 200 members are actively involved in small groups meeting throughout the week.  All are invited!
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What We Do

We live out our Mission!
  • We worship as a group of loving, caring people.
  • We engage in over 50 ministries serving our church family and community
  • We join others in small groups to gain a deeper understanding and knowledge of our faith in Jesus
  • We come together to have fun, strengthen relationships, and foster the development of all family and friends

What's Different

It's all about the People!
Christ Lutheran is made up of loving, and welcoming people from all across Visalia, Tulare,  Woodlake, Exeter and a number of other communities.  We carve out time for our church family and are committed to building strong relationships.  Friendships are key, and being in a place where we can feel the love of God and experience Jesus, makes us stand apart.
Join us when you are ready to join the experience!

Be a part of our story...

Join us every Sunday as we gather to worship together...  8:00 am,  9:30 am , and 11:00 am