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For our Christ Lutheran Community, music and the Word are intimately connected. The Word, Lutherans affirm, is preached through music. Lutherans take care that texts sung in worship fulfill their purpose by speaking the Gospel clearly and unambiguously. God is praised when the Gospel is proclaimed, and when the Gospel is proclaimed God is rightly praised. 

"Out of the Depths"

Gifts of Music

Music at Christ Lutheran is an exciting and wonderful opportunity to praise God and connect with other folks all while having a lot of fun.  Whether it is singing in the choir, or playing handbells, singing a solo, or playing an instrument, or taking part in some of our amazing theatrical productions, there is always a place for you!  There are a wide variety of ways to plug in so please reach out to share your gifts! 

Sanctuary Choir

Worship Choir presents a diversity of works, from traditional hymnody to gospel, musical anthems and the best of the greatest artists of classical music.  At least once a year, the group presents a major work or cantata with orchestra.  Easter & Christmas bring special events, concerts and festival singing.
Worship choir practices every Thursday evening from 6:30-7:30 pm in the music suite.  They present music regularly at the 8:00 am Sunday Service.  This is a non-auditioned group.  all are welcome.  It is not necessary to read music, as tools and help are provided to the singers.  Our goal is to present the best music possible and to have a lot of fun doing so.  This year, members of the choir have been invited to sing at the famous  Lincoln Center in New York City for composer Dan Forrest.
It is an exciting and alive group.  COME & JOIN THE FUN!

Musica Consortium

The Musica Consortium is an auditioned choir consisting of 12 to 20 voices.  The repertoire of the group is primarily early music through the classical period.
Each member must be able to sight read, hold their own part independently, have a controlled tone and the ability to sing a capella.  The Consortium participates in worship quarterly and sings for special occasions and projects.

Bell Choir

Our CLC Handbell Choir is a  non auditioned group, performing three octave music selections enriching our  Worship Services.  We are an active and very fun group!
Rehearsals are Thursday nights from 5:45 to 6:30 pm in the Music Suite.  The Bell Choir typically performs every month at both 8:00 am and 9:30 am Services, and during special music  when called upon.
  This committed group of 13 ringers are excited to add music to the worship environment and to celebrate God with the mighty sound of bells.
This group accepts new members as space becomes available.   This is one of those rare occasions.  If you would like to join us, please contact Lim and receive further information about the group.  Simply "CONTACT US", and we will respond to  your request!

Praise Team

Your Gifts are Special

Join our next Cantata

The CLC Praise Team provides contemporary music for the 9:30 & 11:00 am Services.  Guitar, bass, keyboard, drums and singers, this hard working group helps lead worship in a setting that is not dominated by singular personalities, but rather presented as a group effort to draw those present closer to God through music.  The band rehearses every Wednesday evening, 6:30-8:00 pm.  Music is sent out each week before practice so that the group might have a chance to experience it before rehearsals.  The singers and musicians often rotate and participation is flexible.  A covenant and expectations are shared within the group.  If you wold like to be a part of our worship team, please contact Lim.  Simply "CONTACT US"!
There are many opportunities throughout the year to share your special musical talents with the congregation.  Vocal solos and ensembles along with instrumental accompaniments are often used during holiday services and throughout the year.

When you feel God's calling to provide special music, or offer your God given talents, 
CLC performs several special cantatas throughout the year.  Cantatas  are vocal composition with an instrumental accompaniment, typically in several movements, often involving a choir. 

Let's get you involved!

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