Part-Time Church Administrator

Christ Lutheran Church

Job Description
The part-time Administrator for Christ Lutheran Church serves in a senior executive level in advancing the mission and upholding the values of the congregation.  The Administrator will coordinate most of the internal direction of the staff, and offer considerable support in the overall direction of the congregation.

Report To:
Senior Pastor

1.  Campus Oversight
•Negotiating with vendors and insuring that supplies are stocked.
•Attending to campus maintenance and overseeing contract employees of janitorial service and lawn service.
•Manage alarm system ( 1st Alarm King)
•Manage HVAC Systems (Marthedahl and Comfort Now)
•Manage relationship with SCE & JP Electric to manage electricity costs
•Arrange Pest / Gopher Controls  (Orkin)
•Coordinate support offered by members (general maintenance, electrical)
•Computer maintenance (Torian Group)
•Oversight of bi-annual congregational workdays (or, when needed).
•Oversight to needed office equipment for staff – computers, printers, etc

2.  Human Resources
•Insuring that CLC is compliant with all state and federal policies regarding hiring, employment, and dismissal.
•Work with Finance Director to maintain employment records.
•Set HR Payroll disciplines utilizing available systems tools
•Manage Overtime, and ensure staffing achieves budget objectives

3.  Financial
•Oversees the Director of Finances in the creation and communication of the annual budget / Managing CLC’s Fiscal Integrity
•Evaluate & Plan Revenues / Giving
•Build HR Staffing Strategies and Budgets to achieve Annual Budget
•Manage Expenses to meeting facility & CLC Member’s needs – staying on budget
•Partner to evaluate all insurance and maintenance contracts for the church
•Update Policies and regulations to stay current with changing environment
•Oversees the Director of Finances in the monthly reporting to the church board.
•Insure CLC is in compliance with all human resource regulations
•Seeks creative ways to reduce costs.
•Assist the Board in quarterly Forums (i.e., Bagels with the Board)

4.  Technology
•Oversee computer maintenance and purchases
•Office Equipment, Computers, Software, Network performance
•Oversee worship technology (sight and sound)

Ministry Oversight:
•ChristKids Preschool
•Memorial Garden
•Support to Lim (Staff Equipper) in working on Staffing / Expense Support for CLIPArts
•Campus liaison for ChristKids Preschool

Staff Supervision - Oversight:
•Operations Manager
•Director of Finance
  • Nursery Director

CLC Strategic Planning:
•Support planning, specifications and installation of projects approved by the board
•Participate in board meeting to act on opportunities exist

Additional Responsibilities:
•Attend the executive committee and board meeting as ex officio.
•Attend weekly staff meetings.
•Attend annual staff retreat.

The Church Administrator is a part-time position, usually working 20-25 hours per week.  The position does not offer benefits.  Christ Lutheran Church is “at-will” employer.  

Updated April 2020

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