Men's Connections

CLC Men's Group meet to study and to serve in a variety of ways

Homeless Connect:  CLC Men's Commitment

Serving over 500 in our Visalia Community

Men's Outreach @ Veva Blunt School

Our CLC Men's Team have been committed to helping our Veva Blunt Elementary School Kids strive to be recognized for their efforts in attending school regularly.  One of the schools challenges is keeping kids and their families engaged.

We visit the school monthly and have a chance to build some excitement, and recognize a couple of kids for their perfect attendance.  It's been great to see their smiles and receive their special thanks.

This all ties to our Mission in experiencing and living like Jesus...  just one of the many ways our CLC Family get's involved. 

Want to learn more about our Men's Ministry?

CLC Men gather to study the bible and engage in serving our community, both our CLC Family and Visalia Community.  Use this form to find a group that's right for you.  We'd love to have you join us!  

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