Projects that need to be completed:
(What can you do or help with?)

Build step platform for Christmas musical.
($400 parts)

Move drain at sanctuary front door area for safety.
($400 parts)

Replace bathroom flooring in CLC bathrooms
($20,000 tile installed)

Fix pre-school cabinets
($250 parts)

Tighten CLC kitchen cabinet doors hinges
($125 parts)

Clean Ice Machine
(have cleaner)

Install new fire exit signs in youth house
(have parts)

Women's restroom needs two new toilets in sanctuary bathroom
($600 parts)

Install drinking water filter in meeting room sink
(have parts)

Install Exterior door for fire exit in youth house
($650 parts)

Paint stucco around leaking gutter areas
($300 parts)

Clean and repair gutters
(have parts)

Replace men's bathroom tile floor in sanctuary area
($1,000 parts)

Replace men's bathroom sink counter in sanctuary area
($500 parts)

Paint gutters
($300 parts)

Paint fascia
($300 parts)

 Fix roof above library
(too much to mention)

Carpet cleaning with machine (this is on-going)
(Have machine and cleaning supplies)

Install CLC oven hood exhaust through roof
($800 parts)

Concrete in-between walkway and pavement
($2000 material)

Install outdoor Bluetooth speaker in patio
($250 wire and speakers)

Paint - Paint - Paint
Ohhh does our building need a fresh coat of paint