Traditional Music

"In the Quiet"

Welcome to Sunday Worship, and having an opportunity to hear God's message through music.

Christ Lutheran's Traditional Worship is supported by its Sanctuary Choir weekly, with added special gifts offered by its Bell Choir, and Musica Consortium  - a smaller group of classical vocalists committed to enriching the lives of its church family through song.

Come back to our website weekly, to experience this special message.  Allow music to enrich your lives throughout the week.

Sanctuary Choir

A non-auditioned, mixed adult choir,
the Sanctuary Choir provides a variety
of choral stylings, from classical, to spiritual
and contemporary choral works.  

Rehearsals are Thursday nights 
from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm in the Music Suite.
The Choir performs every Sunday during
the 8:00 am traditional service with
the purpose of Glorifying God with
joy filled hearts and passionate convictions.

Musica Consortium

The Musica Consortium is an auditioned choir consisting of 12 to 20 voices.  The repertoire of the group is primarily early music through the classical period.
Each member must be able to sight read, hold their own part independently, have a controlled tone and the ability to sing a Capella.  The Consortium participates in worship quarterly and sings for special occasions and projects. 

Bell Choir

The Sanctuary Bell Choir is a non-auditioned, group of talented musicians.  The Bell Choir offers a variety of music  selections offering preludes and special music during traditional services.

Each musician must be able to read music and be able to follow the music conductor in offering this beautiful music.  Special services, i.e.; Easter, Christmas and other church Holidays, are often the most common times to enjoy these musical gifts.

Join us to offer your gifts.