Contemporary Music

SCARS,  offered by Nancy Nauman
The song “Scars To Your Beautiful” by Alessia Cara is about girls who feel they need to be what society wants them to be, causing them to hurt themselves in the process. It repeatedly refers to a girl who’s starving herself and hurting herself to try and be an “envy” to others, perhaps to be wanted, or just pretty or possibly a model, as the song says “cause cover girls don’t cry after their face is made.”  This girl represents all the young girls experiencing this. The beginning of the song also mentions about how she goes unnoticed by everyone else.  It's trying to tell young girls that they’re beautiful as themselves, “just the way (they) are,” without having to change themselves.  And if the world thinks otherwise, then these girls are not the ones that have to change themselves - it’s the world that does, because the world’s views cause negative affects on the self esteem of many people.

Praise Band

A non-auditioned, mixed adult choir, the Sanctuary Choir provides a variety
of choral stylings, from classical, to spiritual and contemporary choral works.  

Rehearsals are Thursday nights from 6:30 pm-7:30 pm in the Music Suite.
The Choir performs every Sunday during the 8:00 am traditional service with
the purpose of Glorifying God with joy filled hearts and passionate convictions.

Your Gifts are Special!

There are many opportunities throughout the year to share your special musical talents with the congregation.  Vocal solos and ensembles along with instrumental accompaniments are often used during holiday services and throughout the year.

When you feel God's calling to provide special music, or offer your God given talents, contact us and we'll welcome you to share your gifts.

Special Music during Holy Week

Maundy Thursday's Worship provided an opportunity for all of us to hear God's message through music, and to prepare us for the upcoming Holy Week Services  on Good Friday and Sunday's Easter Celebration!

Christ Lutheran's Contemporary Worship is supported by our Praise Band and features members in our church who offer their gifts of music...

Come back to our website weekly, to experience these special messages.  Allow music to enrich your lives throughout the week.

Join us to offer your gifts.